The Associated General Contractors Of Tennessee


Meet our 2024 Safety Summit Speakers!

Thomas Reed
Director of Safety and Health
AGC of Tennessee

AGC Safety Update

Joins us as Thomas Reed updates us on all things safety at the state level.   

Brian Wood, CSP, CIT, CHST
CompTrust AGC Mutual Captive Insurance Company

Managing Risk or Risky Managing?
Specializing in the construction industry, Brian uses his 25 plus years of construction industry experience as a general contractor and building inspector to help you spot potential issues before they happen.  

Kevin Cannon
Senior Director of Safety, Health & Risk Management
The Associated General Contractors of America

Federal Safety Update
Kevin Cannon will be speaking to us on all things safety related.  He serves as the primary liaison for federal safety regulations.  Kevin is responsible with monitoring regulatory activity relating to safety and health, and communicating with members and chapter staff. 


Steve Hawkins
FDRsafety, LLC


Panel Moderator - Megasite Safety

Steve will be leading a panel discussion about safety on mega building sites.  He will share some of his own safety insights and help make the connection to your own jobsites.
Panel: Tyler White - Turner Contruction Company, Chris Morgan - Turner Construction Company, Peter Church - JE Dunn Construction, Joe Shaw - JE Dunn Construction

Tyler White
Environmental Health and Safety Director 
Turner Construction Company

Panel Member - Megasite Safety

Chris Morgan
Project EHS Manager 
Turner Construction Company

Panel Member - Megasite Safety

Brian Holmes
Director of the Mediation and Ombudsman Services  
Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation

State of Tennessee Return to Work Programs

Brian will be presenting, with Marion and Suzy, on the return to work programs offered by the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

Marion S. White
Vocational Recovery Specialist
Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation

The Next Step Program: More Opportunities and Resources for Injured Workers.
A permanent impairment from a workers' compensation injury can be a major roadblock. Some impairments could even prevent returning to the pre-injury job. Marion will walk us through how The Next Step Program connects permanently disabled injured workers with public institutions, non-profit organizations, and monetary resources to acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to return to meaningful employment.


Suzy Douglas
Medical Services Coordinator
Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation

The REWARD Program
The Return Employees to Work and Reduce Disabilities (REWARD) Program provides resources to improve the recovery process and return employees to work within their physical restrictions as early as possible, which benefits employers and employees.  Join us as Suzy shows us how the REWARD Program can help employers better control their workers' compensation costs.  



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