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The Associated General Contractors of Tennessee's Supervisory Training Program (STP) is a construction-specific training curriculum developed, updated and field-tested by and for contractors. Supervisory skill—or the lack of it—directly affects every company’s bottom line. You make your money in the field, and STP can help you improve your organization’s bottom line.
The comprehensive 6-course program focuses on the knowledge and skills that every supervisor must have to be an effective manager of people, time, equipment and materials.  The 6-courses are as follows:

Upon completion of each individual STP course, participants receive a certificate from the course sponsor. When participants complete the entire 6-Unit program, they are eligible to submit an application for the Supervisory Training Program Certificate of Program Completion.
Contact your local office for more information:

The above classes and programs may differ in your area.  Contact your local office for a list of classes being offered in your region.





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