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For small contractors just starting out, the school of hard knocks is a tough instructor. Let AGC Members help you overcome the challenges all small emerging businesses face with this 12-part video series focused on helping your business thrive and grow. Hear directly from contractors that have already paved the road to success.  This series is designed for emerging contractors – 3 years or less in business – and will address common industry challenges and best practices, but anyone who aims to start their own construction business or works in construction can learn from AGC’s industry experts in this free 12-class series. 
Module 1: Company Organization
Module 2: Effective Leadership
Module 3: Insurance and Bonding
Module 4: Business Development
Module 5: Contracts
Module 6: Workplace Legal Compliance
Module 7: Financials and Cash Flow
Module 8: Bidding and Estimating
Module 9: Executive Management
Module 10: Scheduling
Module 11: Warehouse, Tools & Equipment
Module 12: Safety (4-Parts)

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