Supervisory Training Program

The AGC of Tennessee is pleased to offer members the opportunity to further develop promising employees into construction supervisors or assist current construction supervisors to enhance their construction supervisory skills via web-based trainingWhile some local AGC of Tennessee branches across the state offer outstanding classroom Supervisor Training courses at their locations, others do not. This new online series meets the needs of those members where STP courses are not offered, where members have schedule conflicts or if they cannot otherwise attend the branch courses. It is not intended to replace the STP classroom course offerings at the branches, but rather to give members another option and complement current branch courses.

This online Supervisory Training Program (STP) is a construction-specific training curriculum developed, updated and field-tested by and for contractors. Supervisory skill—or the lack of it—directly affects every company’s bottom line. Construction companies make money in the field, and STP can help improve your organization’s bottom line.

The comprehensive 6-course program focuses on the knowledge and skills that every supervisor must have to be an effective manager of people, time, equipment and materials. The program is delivered via online modules that can be taken anywhere and at anytime following a set curriculum and course guide.

The course outline includes:

Unit 1 | Leadership & Motivation - Available Class September 10 - November 18
Establishes the value of effective supervision of workers and improves the construction supervisor’s ability to lead and motivate others. 

Unit 2 |  Oral & Written Communication - check back for class dates
Presents a body of knowledge and skills that today’s construction supervisors need in order to be effective communicators on their job site. 

Unit 3 | Planning & Scheduling - Available Class September 10 - November 18
Helps construction supervisors understand ways in which planning and scheduling saves time and money, while increasing quality in the construction process. 

Unit 4 | Contract Documents & Construction Law- check back for class dates

Provide information about contract documents and construction law to help supervisors recognize the roles and responsibilities of all contracted parties, to develop an understanding of how contract documents can be helpful to solve problems and resolve conflicts, and to develop positive relationships between all parties in the construction process. 

Unit 5 | Construction Productivity & Cost Management- Available Class September 10 - November 18
Covers understanding how project estimates are compiled, how to compare actual project costs with those estimated and how to control costs to meet the estimate. This course also details how productivity is measured, how the supervisor plays a major role in increasing jobsite productivity and how a small increase in productivity can have a significant impact on the time and cost of a project. 

Unit 6 | Problem Solving & Risk Management - Available Class September 10 - November 18
Communicates the roles and responsibilities of a construction supervisor in accident prevention and loss control.  

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If you have questions or need addtional information, please contact Grace Rogers.